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                时间:2013-10-03 10:58 来源:www.filter020.com 作者:李先生 13922307455  点击:
                FRS-560G顶篷过滤棉产品特性: * FRS-560G顶篷过滤棉采用热何尝不是胜利熔法加工而成;递增结构,采用多层逐渐加密技术,即往纯净空气方向的纤维密度逐渐虽然心里也有吃到豆腐增大,较高过滤效率,可根据尘埃大小,被阻挡在◤不同密度的层次, 更有效的容纳较多尘埃; * 滤网的出风面增加了一层方格织

                FRS-560G顶篷过滤棉采用热熔法加工而成;递增结构,采用多层逐渐加密技术,即往纯净空气方向的纤维密度逐渐增大,较高过滤效率,可根据尘埃大小,被阻挡在不同观众密度的层次, 更有效的容纳较多尘埃;
                * 滤网的出风面增加了一层方格织网加强定型,保∞证良好的空气质量;
                * 滤料经过充分浸胶处理,因此可防止任何纤维脱落、泄露,此种滤料同样能过滤掉所◆有大于5μm的粒子;滤料有全粘性、表面粘性、干性处理可供客户选择;
                * 耐湿性强,可达100%相对湿度;
                FRS-560G顶篷过滤棉应已经很明白用于表面喷涂行业,专门为喷漆室末端过滤而设计。可确保穿过自动装配车间及自动修复面漆工厂喷漆室的气流均匀扩散,形成层流状态;适用于涂装工厂, 喷漆房、烤漆房等空气过滤。
                Ceiling filter 
                * can create uniform air diffusion and provide perfect laminar air flow throughout paint cabin.
                * With heat fusion method, advanced gradual structure (the fiber density increases gradual toward pure air) assuring its high efficiency and collect more dust in different layers.
                * There is a net or cloth outside which can not only maintain filter effect and extend the working life.
                * The material have been deep impregnated which can prevent the fiber drop off; the filter can also collect all the particles which is larger than 5μm.
                * Relative humidity can be 100%.
                Widely used for air filtration of the painting plant, spray workshop, car factory, automotive maintenance & repair shop, motorcycle industry, household appliances painting.
                技术参数: Specification
                型号Type 过滤级别
                Filtration Class
                初阻力Initial Pressure Drop (Pa) 终阻力Final Pressure Drop
                额定风量Rated Air Flow (m3/h) 风速Air Velocity (m/s) 容尘量Dust Holding Capacity (g/m2) 标准尺寸Size (m)
                FR-560G F5 25 450 10800 0.3 450 2x20、2x21
                注:可根据需要定制不同规格. Note: Special Size Available Upon Request.
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